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Zabaglione Ristorante & Cafe

One stop on Central Street in Ipswich offers you two ways to enjoy exceptional Italian cuisine. That’s because you’ll find is Zabaglione Ristorante and Zabaglione Café in one place with both traditional and gourmet options. If you choose to dine at the café, you’ll find traditional Italian meals for lunch and dinner – like soups and salads to pasta, veal and chicken dishes. The Ristorante side of things is open for dinner, and features more creative, exquisite cuisine made from the freshest ingredients. A must try is our Pork Chop – a double cut pork chop pan seared and baked with a Madeira wine sauce.

Each being a culinary work of art that will keep you going back and back again. In addition, both dining options include a full bar that specializes in wine, so you can create the perfect pairing for your meals. Make it casual or make it elegant, but make it Zabaglione Ristorante or Café – both at 10 Central Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Open every bar – except Tuesdays. Ristorante side only open for dinner.